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1988 As "The Hammering"  
Leicester Demo
Just For Laughs These Things I've Done
Last Minutes These Things I've Done
1988 As "The Enamel Animals"  
My Greatest Fear These Things I've Done
No Sense In Coming Home These Things I've Done
Too Little Too Late These Things I've Done
Liverpool to London These Things I've Done
No One Touches You These Things I've Done
Catch You In The End These Things I've Done
The Morning After Throw It Away 12" single
Throw It Away Throw It Away 12" single
Stay In England Throw It Away 12" single
  The Last Green Field In England Throw It Away 12" single
1991 We'll Fall These Things I've Done
  Clean Yourself Up Please These Things I've Done
  Pushing Gary Down These Things I've Done
1992 Giantkiller These Things I've Done
  Last Minutes (II) Unreleased
1995 Dirty North Sea Mammals All
  Beautiful Hell Unreleased
  Act! Mammals All
1997 Red Dogs Mammals All
  Hey Skipper Mammals All
  Just How I Feel Mammals All
  Jason Mammals All
1999 Brain Dead Sucker Mammals All
  Far From The Mind Mammals All
  The Very Things Mammals All
1999 Ride Me Like I'm A Dog Mammals All
  You Should've Said You Were A Girl Mammals All
  Cold Morning Blue Mammals All
1999 Mammals All Mammals All
Eh Jump Eh? A side, CD single
The Last Table In The Sun B side, CD single
2005 You Don't Live With These Things Counting Out My Fair, CD EP
  I'm Tired Counting Out My Fair, CD EP
  One Foot Dry Counting Out My Fair, CD EP
  Something Or Other Counting Out My Fair, CD EP
2007 Beagle Smile Unreleased
  Shut Down Animal Carnival
  Claimed Unreleased
Team Traveller Animal Carnival
  I Can't Stand Down Animal Carnival
Cut the Green Grass Short Animal Carnival
Cock Fight Animal Carnival
  Coming Home Animal Carnival
  Miss Starlit Skies Animal Carnival
  Animal Carnival Animal Carnival
  Cock Fight (Reprise) Animal Carnival
Anything will go How Stars Fall session #1
  Quinta de los Molinos How Stars Fall session #1
  Popcorn in my Detanator How Stars Fall session #1
  Face into the Waves How Stars Fall session #1
How Stars falls sessions  

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